How It Works

The hours, hoops and days, weeks or even months the current process takes is eliminated.

Step 1

Create an account.

Step 2

Transfer your current IRA funds to your new WealthFlex IRA. This IRA will be a Trust that you are the Trustee of, and your IRA is the Owner of.

Step 3

You will be provided with a fully IRS compliant IRA Asset Trust, complete with signed documentation and IRS Tax ID number. This trust is an extension of your IRA and enjoys all of the benefits of tax deferral, and the customary constraints of an IRA.

Step 4

Any cash you transfer to your new IRA will be transferred into a Wells Fargo® bank account that you and only you control.

Step 5

As the Trustee of your new WealthFlex Trust, you get to control the bank account and to sign on behalf of the Trust. Each of your investments will be owned in the name of your WealthFlex Trust, and is considered to be in your IRA for tax purposes.

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